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Extended BMW M3 Driving Experience at Oulton Park

Extended BMW M3 Driving Experience at Oulton Park

Single Seater and BMW M3 Driving Experience at Oulton Park

Single Seater and BMW M3 Driving Experience at Oulton Park

BMW  German automaker worked  with Africa Chris Leatt to produce medical device to reduce the risk of spinal cord injury and neck for motorcyclists.

The system consists of a neck brace for the German car industry from a combination of Kevlar and carbon fiber, glass fiber, which is the supreme good mix that can provide power. También system comfortable to wear. Because this is a layer of soft foam, soft and shock absorbers, and placed between the outer shell and the hardening of the rider. Neck Brace System slide easily around the neck, like a necklace, two fast-acting shutdown next to him in September. These clips allow easy handling and easy adjustment.

The system was developed neck brace of BMW Motorrad in collaboration with the South African doctors Leatt and his team of investigators in an accident, and biomechanics and surgeons. Provides protection through the provision of an inhibitory effect if the driver’s head moves forward away, backward or sideways. The pilot is able to retain also gives freedom of movement necessary to load, with the risk of over-neck stretch in any given direction, significantly. Is absorbed injuries forces coming down from the helmet in the spine from the edge of the surrounding undulating system BMW Motorrad. In essence, this system is designed to provide optimal protection innovative in the spine during an accident.

Conrad Parker, director of the after-sales service national BMW Motorrad, said: “The neck brace BMW system is a revolutionary movement in terms of safety for motorcycles, and a major step forward for safety equipment rider since the protector Back body armor and helmet and.” And added: “I The launch of this system enhances the goal of BMW Motorrad Motorcycle safe as possible through the integration of new technology in the Rider Equipment Group is no doubt that the pilots around the world to put safety first and welcome the benefits of this. provide protective equipment. ”

BMW, a German company independent and manufacturer of cars and motorcycles, is the parent company of Rolls-Royce brand cars MINI. The company was also owner of Rover. Interestingly, the slogan “Driving Machine eventually.”

German automaker has always been closely monitoring and loyal community. This is due to its philosophy etched in quality. Carefully designed BMW auto parts such as antenna and equipment radiators, engines and other vehicles and structures to ensure durability and performance. For the automotive industry is one of the few product lines to support its borders, Malthus provide “spirited driving” in certain operating manuals.

In the summer of 2001, the company went further than that by starting at the site of BMW films and provide some mathematical models being driven to extremism. These clips have become very famous in the community excited and have shed light on many car owners are looking for a sports car or fun. However, despite the great success, BMW films taken on 21 October 2005.

At present, German automaker focuses on the production of production lines and are confident that the arrest of the attention from fans. Company absorbed in the development of new innovations also to further improve road safety and injuries related to reducing traffic accidents.